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Jun 2016

Please find the last worked on version of Peardrop

I have not had a lot of time to update and maintain peardrop, however the current codebase still works just fine.

In the future I aim to revamp Peardrop by including more modern and current web technologies like Bootstrap and easier ways of integrating peardrop in to your site.

If you would like to help translate Peardrop, please see the Translate Peardrop section

Please Note

We are currently in the process of restoring this WiKi from Web archive and old text copies, due to a recent server failure resulting in the loss of the database.

As a result, some areas of the WiKi may be missing, incomplete or out-dated.

Peardrop CMS is looking for developers and Wiki maintainers

If you have knowedge of HTML, PHP and Javascript/JQuery, this could be your chance to contribute to the community and the growth of Peardrop. We are currently looking for people to help maintain/update the code and further aid it's progress.

We also need keen, literary people to help update and maintain this Wiki. Due to Spam, editing of most pages is restricted to registered users only, but registration is free and easy to do, and will give you more freedom to help maintain/update/expand this WiKi.

Screen shot of the admin interface
Screen shot of the admin interface.


Peardrop CMS is a content management system which allows you to create and manage a website easily though any compatible web browser without the need for FTP Uploading or the use of web creation suites.

The project aims to be simple to use, compact and fast. It is written in PHP and runs on Linux/Apache servers, or on Win32 with Apache and is licensed under the terms of the GPL.

Peardrop CMS does not need a database as it writes page data directly to a HTML file on the web server. This simplifies installation and backups, and also makes it a low cost option on web hosts which may charge extra for database access such as MySQL, thus allowing Peardrop to function completely without it.


Peardrop CMS is available under the GNU General Public Licence V3 and some code is covered by the MIT licence. Included projects are also available under the same or similar licences, a full copy of each respective licence can be found in the project's folders.


  • CKEditor (WYSIWYG) Editor for creating and editing pages.
  • CodeMirror for advance HTML editing with syntax hilighting for easy reading.
  • Simple file management and 'recycle bin' with a restore function
  • Supports both hidden and listed pages
  • Listed pages automatically appear on the navigation menu
  • Easily integratable in to an existing website by inserting a small amount of code in to the body of your template

System Requirements

All you need is a web server/computer running Apache2 or equivalent with support for PHP5 and above. (may work on PHP4 but this is un-tested and as new functions are added, it may become less usable) Or a hosting provider that gives at least basic FTP access (or equivalent access that allows you to upload and manage your own website files) and support for PHP

See Installing for more information.

Help to pay for the expenses and keep Peardrop on the internet by making a donation, any amount however great or small is hugely appreciated and helps to keep those pesky bills at bay. <paypal></paypal>

I would also welcome some contribution the this Wiki and/or the code development, as it is all released as Open Source. If you are interested, drop me an email: ron[at]coolmediatech[dot]com